Garden #0 - Ros Gray, Kristen Kreider, Claire McAndrew, James O’Leary and MA Situated Practice - MARs Research Garden

MARs Research Garden

Garden #0 - 22 Jan 2020

MARs Hub & Research Garden
43 Lewisham Way
New Cross
London SE14 6QD

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A New Art Research Garden at Goldsmiths

In the context of a global climate emergency, the Art Research Garden will operate as a micro-context from which to observe change in our natural environment, and facilitate a wide range of artistic research into living systems, cultivation and processing of plants, from food to pigments, rewilding, soil care, composting, the benefits of plants in alleviating pollution, eco-pedagogy, and the therapeutic and social benefits of gardening, as well as a space for teaching and public engagement through workshops, performance and other events.

The Art Research Garden will support ecological artistic research and teaching, knowledge transfer and public engagement, including outdoor and indoor growing, cooking facilities and a teaching space, all with disabled access. It will provide an experimental laboratory for developing new forms of artistic research that build creativity, resilience and innovation in sustainability in the context of the ecological emergency we face


Generously supported by the CHASE Cohort Development fund, the Art Research Garden project is being spearheaded by Dr Ros Gray and Professor Kristen Kreider at Goldsmiths. During the first phase of the project development (28 January until 24 March), we will be joined by Architect James O’Leary, Public Engagement specialist Dr Claire McAndrew and students on the MA Situated Practice Programme at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, who will help develop a framework for the project.


We are now inviting MPhil/PhD Researchers across the CHASE consortium to join us in envisioning and developing this project, a process that will include:

  • working with MA Situated Practice students in a consultation process where we will think through what an ‘Art Research Garden’ is – or could be – and to come up with variations for realising it;
  • holding occasional seminars and study groups to investigate relevant readings, particularly in relation to discussions within ecology, postcolonialism and cybernetics;
  • undertaking site visits to gardens throughout the UK and internationally that can act as inspiration for and examples of an Art Research Garden;
  • imagining, designing and building specific items of infrastructure for the garden itself.
  • digging, planting, performing, eating, drinking, talking.

Gatherings and events are currently being planned.


** If you are interested in being involved, please sign up through our Eventbrite link and we will contact you with further information as things progress. **


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You can also follow the project and its developments on our website here.


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