Gathering #2 - Hannah Arendt Reading Group - The Human Condition & The Life of the Mind

East stoa of the ancient agora in Thessaloniki, seen from the South. 2nd c. AD. Photograph taken by Marsyas (2006) (UTC)

The Human Condition & The Life of the Mind

Gathering #2 - 6 November 2017

Hannah Arendt is a German political thinker whose work explores the intricacies of the human condition, understanding this in relation how we know and understand the world. Arendt's wide-ranging writing has had a lasting influence on twentieth century political thought. Her works cover a broad range of topics, but she is best known for those dealing with the nature power and evil as well as politics, direct democracy, authority and totalitarianism. 

For this study group, we read through two of Arendt's major works including:

Arendt, Hannah. The Human Condition. Chicago: U of Chicago Press, 1958.

Arendt, Hannah. The Life of the Mind: Vol. 1, Thinking; Vol. II., Willing. New York, Harcourt, 1978.

The study group, hosted by Professor Kristen Kreider, was held across the Autumn and Spring terms of 207-18.