Installation #32 - Elly Clarke - HOW ARE YOU?: #Sergina’s Live Digital Participatory Soap Opera

HOW ARE YOU?: #Sergina’s Live Digital Participatory Soap Opera

Installation #32 - 31 March 2020

Via Zoom and YouTube, via this Facebook Event.
In response to the COVID-19 emergency, in place of a physical installation #Sergina (plural) - presented an online digital re-run of a performance she did at ONCA in June last year entitled HOW ARE YOU?: #Sergina’s Live Participatory Soap Opera about Wrestling with Wellbeing in the Digital Age which was designed to reflect upon the aggressive, increasingly capitalist nature of this question and other questions that inevitably follow. Today these questions might sound a little different. They include:
What do you feel? 
What are you feeling right now? 
Can you be good to people? 
Can you make people feel good? 
Can you heal people? 
Can you heal yourself? 
Can you be reformative? 
Can you be positive? 
Can you be hopeful? 
What is unity? 
Can you make us feel in solidarity? 
Can we make each other feel good? 
Can we be reformative together? 
Is our collective conscious still intact? 
The performance took place over Three Acts and was able to accomodate 9 Participants in the Zoom Room at any one time. Data from Voyeurs (on YouTube) and from Participants (on Zoom) Was Gathered With Consent via a questionnaire - and analysed.
#Sergina was embodied by Elly Clarke (in London) and Vladimir Bjeličić (in Belgrade) - with whom Clarke has been collaborating since 2015. #Sergina's Stimulatingly Sexy Simulation of #Security was played by Roux Malherbe.

Elly Clarke is an artist interested in the role, performance, value as well as the perceived burden (‘the drag’) of being and having a physical body in a digitally mediated world. She explores this through video, photography, music, writing & community-based projects. And through #Sergina – a border-straddling, multi-bodied drag queen who, across one body and several, sings and performs songs, dance and lectures online and offline about love, lust and loneliness in the mesh of hyper-dis/connection. Some songs make it onto records released by Berlin-based record label Wicked Hag. Some performances are participatory. Clarke is a second year Chase DTP funded PhD researcher in Art at Goldsmiths and has exhibited work at at venues that include The Lowry, Salford Quays; Franklin Furnace, New York; Kiasma, Helsinki; Milton Keynes Gallery; Galerie Wedding, Berlin and ONCA, Brighton.