Installation #26 - Jessie McLaughlin - SQUASHED


Installation #26 - 22 January 2019

a conversation between jessie mclaughlin & trâm nguyễn on being queer and introvert alongside the squash.

the squash, tate britain commission 2018, is an artwork by anthea hamilton. it comprised of, on any given day during the spring/summer of 2018, the duveen galleries of tate britain being occupied by a ‘solo performer in a squash-like costume’.

together, trâm and jessie talked briefly about the artwork; how it was conceived, what elements it comprised of and what was programmed alongside it by tate learning staff. they then moved into their own personal experience of living and working alongside the artwork in conversation with everyone in the room.

what did the squash offer to the space of the art museum as well as a (personal) sense of work and self?

purple squash & purple pickled root veg served




trâm nguyễn is a general curious person @ asia-art-activism and assisant curator of public programmes @ tate

jessie mclaughlin is a researcher, wannabe artist and former curator of the early years and families programme @ tate

more info on anthea hamilton’s the squash can be found here