Session #6 - Ele Carpenter and Warren Harper - Nuclear Culture Research Symposium

Nuclear Culture Research Symposium

Session #6 - 30 Nov -1 Dec 2018

The Nuclear Culture Research Symposium presents new artistic and curatorial practice based research in nuclear culture. The Symposium investigated theoretical ideas and artistic practices concerned with radiological deep time from nuclear landscapes of energy, research, contamination, mining, testing and geological storage facilities. The session focused on a forensic material analysis, rethinking nuclear spaces, the challenges of nuclear heritage, and the lived experience of nuclear environments.

The event brought together new PhD researchers in nuclear culture from the Goldsmiths Art Department MARs doctoral research programme and members of the Nuclear Culture Research Group to form an intensive two days of sharing knowledge, mentoring and critical feedback. Academics and practitioners were invited to feedback on doctoral research and artists’ presentations, helping to contextualise new research in the field in relation to existing practices, literature and public policy. The Curating Studio includes several artworks: James Acord’s roundtable and photographs; Ele Carpenter’s embroidery of Paul Baran’s network diagrams; Erika Kobayashi’s Radium Calendar; and David Mabb’s Placards for Mutinous Submariners.

Pieter Fannes drew the discussions to create a visual report of the day.

Curated by Ele Carpenter and Warren Harper. 

Event speakers and participants: Paul Thompson, Phillip Greatorex, Andy Weir, Grit Ruhland, Bridget Kennedy, Warren Harper, Jess Holtaway, Leila Dawney & Laurie Griffiths, David Burns, Yelena Popova, Gabriella Hirst, Hector Dyer, David Griffiths, Helen Grove-White. 
Chaired by Ele Carpenter and Robert Williams.

Full programme and bios in PDF on top right of this page. 

The Symposium was the culmination of the MARS Radiological Deep Time sessions. 

Visual Report, Nuclear Culture Symposium, Pieter Fannes, 2018.

The Symposium was supported by CHASE and Arts Catalyst

Participant Videos

1. Paul Thompson: The Application of Nuclear Forensics to Nuclear Material
Respondent: Susan Schuppli

2. Philip Greatorex: Sellafield Cultural Heritage
Respondent: Bridget Kennedy

3. Andy Weir:Deep Time Pazugoo
Respondent: Philip Greatorex

4. Grit Ruhland: Uranium Mining in Europe
Respondent: Nicola Triscott

5. Bridget Kennedy: Performing Sellafield
Respondent: Alison Craighead

6. Warren Harper: The Nuclear Landscape of the Blackwater Estuary
Respondent: Susan Schuppli

7. Jess Holtaway: Fukushima and Risk
Respondent: Ayano Hattori

8. Day 1 Plenary Chair: Robert Williams

9. Leila Dawney and Laurie Griffiths: Fade to White
Respondent: Warren Harper

10. David Burns in conversation with Wesley Perriman:
Maralinga Tests

11. Yelena Popova: Her Name is Prometheus
Respondent: Gair Dunlop

12. Gabriella Hirst: Atomic Rose
Respondent:Ele Carpenter

13. Hector Dyer: Thank You for Your Patience
Respondent_ Louise K Wilson

14. David Griffiths: Mol-Zine
Respondent: Ami Clarke

15. Helen Grove White: S-Air Residency
Respondent: Kaori Homma

16. Day 2 Plenary Chair: Robert Williams