Transmission #1 - Marlene Haring - 500,000 Years of Sexual Politics

Marlene Haring, 500,000 Years of Sexual Politics, 2017.

500,000 Years of Sexual Politics

Transmission #1 - 5 October 2017

A conversation about solidarity and equality (today) with Morna Finnegan, Camilla Power, Kristen Kreider.

Organised by Marlene Haring.

Perspectives on the meaning of solidarity and equality; sexual conflict and gender politics; evolution and revolution.


Morna Finnegan began with Women's Studies (UEL) and received her PhD in Social Anthropology (Edinburgh). Her work explores gender egalitarianism among Central African hunter-gatherers and more recently the political implications of what anthropologists say about human origins.

Camilla Power teaches anthropology at UEL and is a leading member of the Radical Anthropology Group. Her research is about the evolutionary origins of gender and culture. They recently collaborated as co- editors of Human Origins: Contributions from Social Anthropology (2017).

Kristen Kreider runs the PhD programme in art at Goldsmiths and is beginning research into an all-female community of Umoja village in Kenya as part of a larger project on Ungovernable Spaces, for a conversation prompted by Marlene Haring, artist and PhD researcher.