Transmission #4 - Chris Kraus - Social Practices

Chris Kraus, Social Practices, 2018

Social Practices

Transmission #4 - 30 October 2018

A border isn't a metaphor. Knowing each other for over a decade makes us witnesses to each other's lives. My escape is his prison. We meet in a bar and smoke Marlboros.
—  Chris Kraus from Social Practices

Chris Kraus reads two stories from Social Practices, her new essay and story collection. This is followed by a conversation with Kristen Kreider about the blurred lines between fiction and criticism.


Chris Kraus is the author of four novels, three books of art and cultural criticism, and most recently, After Kathy Acker: A Literary Biography.  Her first novel, I Love Dick, was adapted for television.  Kraus is a co-editor of the independent press Semiotexte, alongside Hedi El Kholti and Sylvere Lotringer.  She is a frequent contributor to Artforum, Bookforum and other magazines, and lives in Los Angeles.

Kristen Kreider is a poet and Professor of Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, University of London. She works in collaboration with architect James O'Leary as Kreider + O’Leary. Books include Poetics & Place: The Architecture of Sign, Subjects and Site (I.B. Taurus) and, with Kreider + O'Leary, Falling (Copy Press) and Field Poetics (MA Bibliotheque).


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