Document #6 - Barbara Mahlknecht, Jessie McLaughlin, and Romeo Gongora - Lying Down & Looking Upwards

Lying Down & Looking Upwards

Document #6 - 15 November 2018

Led by Barbara Mahlknecht, Jessie McLaughlin, and Romeo Gongora, in collaboration with Kerri Jefferis


How to queer the world? How to learn together and from each other? How to create modes of resistance against current right-wing populism, racism, sexism, homo-and transphobia? How to activate moments and movements of being in the world differently?



This seminar explored feminist and queer modes of un/learning collectively through sound and silence, reading and listening, shadows and colours, poetry and music.



We were interested in intervening, transforming, challenging, and disrupting hegemonial and normative uses of time, space and infrastructure in art and pedagogy.



Together, we explored the "strangeness" of queer time and space, its un/chronology and dis/orientation.

A session on time, space, tunes, waste, sleeping maybe zzzzzzzzzzz



Barbara Mahlknecht is a researcher, curator, and art educator working on feminist struggles, reproduction, care and feminist pedagogy.  

Jessie McLaughlin is an amateur artist and football player.

Romeo Gongora is an art researcher, working on projects that interact with the social sphere, integrating politics and pedagogy in the practice of performance.

Kerri Jefferis and Sophie Chapman work exclusively through collaboration, their work explores collective agency and ways to navigate or confront the social structures imposed upon us.