Gathering #12 - Michael Archer, Rehana Zaman, Nisha Ramayya, Olivier Marbouef, Julian Henriques - Art Research Day - Poetics of Relation

Art Research Day - Poetics of Relation

Gathering #12 - 31 May 2019

For this Art Research Day we explored ideas and practices resonating with those in the book Poetics of Relation by Edouard Glissant. Our aim was to work together, discursively, in order to think through what is at stake with a ‘poetics of relation’ today, and how we might facilitate this as artist researchers.

Throughout the day, invited guests spoke for 20 minutes, leading out of the presentation with a thought, question or problematic/provocation. This was, in turn, taken up by group discussion for 30 minutes as a means to address and extend the thought, question or problematic/provocation.

The effect of the day was cumulated with small group discussions organised in such a way that, over the course of the day, everyone had an opportunity to speak with everyone else. In the last session, we came together as a large group, drawing together thoughts from the day and examining what risks have been realised.

Invited guests include (in order of appearance):

Michael Archer
Rehana Zaman
Nisha Ramayya
Olivier Marbouef
Julian Henriques.

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