Gathering #11 - Kyoo Lee - Q


Gathering #11 - 7 May 2019

An intensive Art, Literature, Philosophy Seminar with transdisciplinary scholar-writer Kyoo Lee, Professor of Philosophy and Gender Studies at CUNY.

Queer Quests in Questions, Qrious Queeries, are some of the hallmarks of the “philopoetics” of reading/writing/thinking pioneered by Q aka Kyoo Lee, a transdisciplinary philosopher, writer, and critic, who often works in transit. This seminar co-explores such rigorously auto-generative, alter-native models of experimental composition by engaging Q in a Quayside conversation on the Art, Philosophy, Literature of Q-gardening.

Primary Reading

  1. 'Philopoetic Somnambulism: An Imaginary Freedom’ fromReading Descartes Otherwise: Blind, Mad, Dreamy and Bad(2013)
  2. a. ‘Lipthink, Anyone? On, Lips Apart, Disagreeing with You . . . for a Queer Feminist Rectification?’ (2016) along with b. ‘To Be Queer Being to Queer It’ (2017) and c. ‘A Musing with Alain Badiou à la ‘Dialogue Between a Chinese Philosopher and a French Philosopher’,1 or, An Exercise in Self-Reference’ (2014) 
  3. 'The Phallus in the age of mechanical reproduction - And How to File the Phallacy of the “Privileged” Avant-guard(e) and Its Conceptual Impo®tence' (2019)

Dropbox link with all primary reading and other reading materials here.


Kyoo Lee, a Professor of Philosophy and Gender Studies at CUNY, a transdisciplinary scholar-writer, is the author of Reading Descartes Otherwise: Blind, Mad, Dreamy, and Bad and Writing Entanglish. Her texts have appeared in 3:AM MagazineAsian American Literary ReviewThe Brooklyn RailDisFlash ArtThe Volta and the White Review, among others. A member of PEN America Translation Committee and Poetry Translation Center (London), she coedits philoSOPHIA: A Journal of transContinental Feminism (SUNY Press) and is on the boards of Belladonna*, Derrida Today, Litmus Press, Open Humanities Press, Simone de Beauvoir Studies and Women's Studies Quarterly. Her current project includes the Mellon Public Seminar at CUNY Graduate Center, mp3: merging poetry, philosophy, performativity.