Installation #18 - Romeo Gongora in collaboration with Sue Mayo - Communities and Commonalities

Communities and Commonalities

Installation #18 - 6 Feb 2018

Inclusion, risk and authorship, are some of the words that arise when collective engagement enters in the space of community, academia and/or art. This participatory discussion offered an opportunity to blend those different realities and learn from this exchange. It was about setting a safe space where we could rewrite concepts of audience, participation and engagement in the social, academic and/or artistic sphere. The discussion was approached through participatory appraisal techniques, radical pedagogy and theatre.

Initiated by Romeo Gongora (PhD student in Department of Art, Goldsmiths University of London) in collaboration of Sue Mayo (Lecturer, MA in Applied Theatre course, Goldsmiths University of London). With the special guests Catherine-Rose Stocks-Rankin (community researcher, Bromley by Bow Centre), Rev. James Olanipekun (Poplar Board Vice Chair, community researcher, Bromley by Bow Centre).


Romeo Gongora is a Canadian-Guatemalan researcher and visual artist active internationally. Since 2008, he has conducted major collaborative arts projects that interact with the social sphere, integrating politics and pedagogy in the practice of performance.

Sue Mayo is a researcher, teacher and theatre maker, who leads the MA in Applied Theatre at Goldsmith's. She also runs arts projects with community groups in London and beyond, bringing together performance, visual practice and collaborative arts methodologies.

Image Credit: Wing Kit Hung and Geraud De Ville de Goyet