Installation #14 - Kate Pickering - Empathy Structure

Empathy Structure

Installation #14 - 23 June 2017

Empathy Structure was written and staged for the stairwell in the Ben Pimlott Building at Goldsmiths College, University of London. The aim was to replicate the experience of verticality/vertigo of the megachurch stadium and the horizontality of being part of a vast crowd, whilst also addressing the appeal of being held in the orienting formation of Evangelicalism.

A performative trajectory which shifts between voices and spaces both solidifies and dissolves the sense of being held within narrative and spatial structures.

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Kate Pickering is a London based artist, writer and PhD researcher (AHRC scholarship) in the Departments of Art and Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths. She investigates Evangelical megachurches and their use of visual, theatrical and narrative forms to dis/orient the congregant, extending this research into writing and staging site based readings of fiction. Pickering has exhibited nationally (Tenderpixel, TAP, Bloc Projects, Bury Art Gallery, ICA) and internationally (Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Thailand; Espacio Enter Canarias Festival, Spain; Four Boxes, Denmark; Bangalore Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art, India; and Moon Event Space, China). Her writing has been published in Dual Mirage, Misery Connoisseur, Yellow Pages (Copy Press) and EROS journal; forthcoming writing will be published in online journal K[]NESH Space.